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Our services are available 24 hours a day for emergency roadside assistance and any greater Richland towing services such as: car tow, tow dolly, junk car removal, heavy duty tow, fix flat tire, long distance towing and the list goes on. 

Richland’s Trusted Towing Company

Richland Towing works with a commitment to our customers that has continued to set the standard in the towing industry. Since then, we have earned a solid reputation for excellence in towing and recovery services throughout the Richland, MS area. For years, our outstanding drivers have provided exemplary towing services to thousands of trucking companies, bus companies, city agencies, municipalities, motorists, and more. They rely on us because we always deliver quick, responsive service using the most advanced, state-of-the-art tow trucks and equipment in the industry. Our highly experienced operators can be trusted to offer reliable advice that will assist you in choosing the best towing services for your needs, whether you need to transport multiple cars across Richland, MS.

Comprehensive Local, Long-Distance and Interstate Towing Services

We provide a broad range of towing services for all of Jackson, MS. Additionally, we frequently handle long-distance and interstate towing for clients needing to bring their cars, buses, motorcycles, and trucks from locations.

Specializing in Richland and Jackson, MS Commercial Towing Needs

Richland Towing boasts one of the largest fleet of tow trucks, heavy duty wreckers and flatbed trailers in Richland, MS. Our diverse fleet gives us the ability to tow a wide range of vehicles, trucks, and equipment, from classic cars, motorcycles, limos, and SUVs, to ambulances, big rigs, Caterpillars, theme park attractions, and more. In addition, we are experts in bus towing, and often receive referrals from other towing companies who lack the expertise and equipment to offer this highly specialized service. We also provide load shifts/cargo shifts for commercial trucking companies, and can assist your driver if they have become stuck at a weigh station or road scale, even if they are located out of state.

24-Hour Towing Services in Richland, MS

Richland Towing provides a true 24-hour, in-house dispatch center. You will never be forwarded to a voicemail or answering service. We are staffed around the clock with professional dispatchers dedicated to finding the best possible solution to your problem. Our dispatch staff is knowledgeable, efficient and trained to handle and evaluate your emergency no matter how small or big it may be. We understand the importance of getting you and your equipment back on the road safely, quickly, and cost effectively.

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