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Our services are available 24 hours a day for emergency roadside assistance and any greater Sarasota towing services such as: car tow, tow dolly, junk car removal, heavy duty tow, fix flat tire, long distance towing and the list goes on. 

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No matter where trouble arises, a Pittsburgh Towing tow truck is just a phone call away to assist you with your problem. For years, Pittsburgh Towing Service has been dedicated to providing exceptional towing and recovery services for commercial clients and motorists throughout the Pittsburgh area. Our can-do attitude is what sets us apart in the industry. It has earned us the trust and respect of countless city agencies, bus companies, police and fire departments, trucking companies, theme parks, general contractors, and more. They rely on us because we consistently deliver safe, responsive, and efficient towing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at a cost-effective price. 

Our local and long-distance towing services include:

  • Light duty towing: motorcycles, cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, specialty vehicles
  • Medium duty towing: ambulances, plumbing vans, service trucks
  • Heavy duty towing: tractor trailers, cranes, heavy equipment, buses, fire trucks, big rigs
  • Landoll services: heavy machinery, motorhomes, military vehicles, generators, storage and shipping containers, construction equipment, oversized loads, buses, limos, and more
  • Regional/long distance towing and interstate towing
  • Load shifts/cargo shifts
  • Assistance at road scale weigh stations

Experienced Operators For One of the Best towing companies in Pittsburgh

We are proud of our team here at Pittsburgh Towing. Our drivers are among the industry’s best – they undergo rigorous technical training by some of our industry’s top instructors. All of our operators have years of experience towing loads of all sizes, from compact cars and SUVs, to buses, oversized loads, motorhomes, big rigs, specialized equipment, and heavy machinery. We have set our goals higher than other tow companies in order to become an industry leader, and pledge to continue our comprehensive training programs and investment in state-of-the-art equipment so that we may serve you better.

24-Hour Towing Services for Pittsburgh

If you take reliability, professionalism and safety as seriously as we do, then the experts at Pittsburgh Towing are the ones to call! We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for quick, efficient dispatch of towing services anywhere in Pittsburgh. Whether you need a one-time bus tow or regular commercial interstate towing, the experienced team at Pittsburgh Towing can help. 

Why Should You Call the Most Affordable Towing Company in Pittsburgh?

Here are the top 7 of a hundred out of a hundred reasons why you should call us

  • Like our family, they need special care and we don’t want to see them at their worst time due to a car breakdown. Here at Pittsburgh towing service, we are treating everyone as a part of our family. Rest assured that you are going to have special care like a family.
  • We provide you with affordable towing service in Pittsburgh. We don’t want to use your situation. You can trust us on your car issues. We have the fastest assistance. We are reliable and will give you the most affordable rate. We will not let you wait and you’ll be happier that you choose us.
  • We are the fastest towing service in Pittsburgh. Once we got a phone call from you, we will dispatch you to our next available driver and will assist you immediately. We have the standards on how to respond. We are extremely strict with our time management. Sometimes there is an untimely situation that we cannot respond immediately, You don’t need to worry about that. We can resolve it as soon as possible. We have a high number of drivers to handle the situation.
  • We are the most reliable towing company in Pittsburgh. If there will be a delay, we will let you know thru a phone call as soon as possible. We deliver a quote once we answer your phone call. And we can give a guarantee that we have the most reasonable pricing and affordable towing company prices in Pittsburgh.
  • As Pittsburgh premier towing service company, car breakdown comes anytime. That’s why we are giving 24/7 services that can assist you. We don’t care what time are you calling. Our priority is to assist you immediately. Just call us and we’ll be there right away.
  • Here at Towing Service in Pittsburgh, we have an equipped team and well-trained to handle any kinds of road situations. We provide the most secured transportation for your vehicles. Upon loading, we already give and extra security. We can guarantee you that your vehicles are safe.

Things to do in Pittsburgh

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Get ready to explore the vibrant and happening city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This place is bursting at the seams with awesome activities and attractions, so buckle up and let’s dive into the coolest things to do in the Steel City!

  1. Take in the View from Mount Washington: Get ready for jaw-dropping panoramas! Hop on the Duquesne Incline or the Monongahela Incline and make your way up to Mount Washington. Once you reach the top, prepare to be blown away by the stunning views of Pittsburgh’s skyline and the three rivers that converge below. It’s a picture-perfect spot to snap some Insta-worthy photos.
  2. Explore the Strip District: Calling all foodies and shopaholics! The Strip District is a paradise for your taste buds and shopping desires. This lively neighborhood is lined with an array of local shops, eclectic boutiques, and amazing food markets. Dive into mouthwatering bites, sample exotic spices, and pick up some unique finds. Trust me, you won’t leave empty-handed or with an empty stomach!
  3. Cheer on the Steelers or Pirates: Sports fanatics, rejoice! Pittsburgh is home to some die-hard sports teams. Catch a football game at Heinz Field and join the Terrible Towel-waving crowd as they cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers. If baseball is more your jam, head to PNC Park and root for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The electric atmosphere and camaraderie among fans will have you chanting and high-fiving in no time.
  4. Immerse Yourself in Art at the Andy Warhol Museum: Prepare for a pop art extravaganza! The Andy Warhol Museum is the largest museum in the United States dedicated to a single artist. Dive into the colorful world of Andy Warhol, marvel at his iconic works, and get a glimpse into the artist’s fascinating life. Don’t forget to strike a pose in front of the famous “Silver Clouds” installation!
  5. Get Hands-On at the Carnegie Science Center: Calling all curious minds! The Carnegie Science Center is a blast for both kids and adults alike. Explore interactive exhibits, get up close and personal with real dinosaurs, and marvel at the wonders of the cosmos in the planetarium. It’s a place where learning and fun collide, and you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for science.
  6. Get Cultured at the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History: Art lovers and history buffs, this one’s for you! The Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History is a treasure trove of artistic and historical wonders. Delve into centuries of art, from classical to contemporary, and marvel at the diverse collections. Then, journey back in time and encounter awe-inspiring dinosaur fossils and ancient artifacts. It’s a journey that will ignite your imagination and leave you in awe.
  7. Catch Live Music at Stage AE: Are you ready to rock? Stage AE is Pittsburgh’s premier concert venue, hosting an array of live performances throughout the year. From big-name bands to emerging artists, this place is a hub of musical excitement. Grab your dancing shoes, sing along to your favorite tunes, and let the energy of the crowd carry you away.

So there you have it, thrill-seekers! Pittsburgh is a city bursting with excitement, from breathtaking views to delicious food, captivating museums, and electrifying sports. It’s time to pack your sense of adventure and explore all that the Steel City has to offer. Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with incredible memories. Pittsburgh, here we come!

History of Pittsburgh

Hey there, history buffs and curious cats! Let’s take a wild ride through the rich and fascinating history of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Get ready to travel back in time and discover how this steel city became the thriving metropolis it is today.

Long before the steel mills and skyscrapers, the area we now know as Pittsburgh was home to Native American tribes, including the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Lenape (Delaware) peoples. They lived off the land, fished in the rivers, and built their communities in harmony with nature.

Fast forward to the 18th century when European settlers arrived on the scene. In the mid-1700s, a British general named John Forbes led an expedition to establish a fort at the strategic meeting point of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers. They named it Fort Pitt, after British Prime Minister William Pitt the Elder.

As the fort grew, a settlement emerged around it, aptly named Pittsburgh. The city’s location near the rivers made it a vital hub for trade and transportation, connecting the expanding western frontier to the rest of the country. Pittsburgh became a bustling center for fur trading, agriculture, and boat building.

But it wasn’t until the 19th century that Pittsburgh truly began to shine. The Industrial Revolution swept across America, and the city’s fortunes skyrocketed. Blessed with vast deposits of high-quality coal and iron ore, Pittsburgh became a powerhouse in the steel industry. Immigrants from around the world flocked to the city, seeking employment in the mills and factories.

Entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick revolutionized the steel-making process, leading to massive growth and prosperity for the city. Pittsburgh earned the nickname “Steel City” as its mills churned out massive quantities of steel, shaping the skylines of cities across the nation.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The boom years came at a cost. The rapid industrialization led to environmental pollution, with thick smoke blanketing the city. It was so common that residents jokingly referred to it as “Pittsburgh snow.” However, in recent years, Pittsburgh has made significant strides in improving its environmental sustainability.

As the 20th century rolled in, Pittsburgh continued to evolve. World War II brought further growth as the city’s factories supported the war effort. After the war, however, the steel industry faced stiff competition, and Pittsburgh experienced an economic decline. Many mills closed, leading to job losses and a struggling economy.

But Pittsburgh refused to be defeated. The city reinvented itself, transitioning into a hub for healthcare, education, and technology. Renowned universities and medical institutions were established, and new industries emerged, including robotics, biomedical research, and software development. Today, Pittsburgh is a thriving center of innovation and a testament to resilience.

Throughout its history, Pittsburgh has also been a cultural hotspot. The city is renowned for its passionate sports fans, cheering on teams like the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates. It boasts world-class museums, vibrant art scenes, and a rich tradition of music and theater.

So there you have it, time travelers! Pittsburgh’s history is a tale of growth, industrial might, and reinvention. From its humble beginnings as a fort to its rise as an industrial titan and its transformation into a center of innovation and culture, the Steel City has come a long way. Embrace the past, celebrate the present, and keep the spirit of Pittsburgh alive!

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